The Notion of the Relationship to Knowledge: A Theoretical Tool for Research in Science Education

Article de revue


État de publication: Publiée (2010 Juillet )

Nom de la revue: International Journal of Environmental and Science Education

Volume: 5

Numéro: 3

Intervalle de pages: 239-264

ISBN: 1306-3065


Résumé: This article pursues a dual objective. First, it seeks to present the notion of the relationship to knowledge as a valuable theoretical tool for science education research. Secondly, it aims to illustrate how this notion has been operationalized in recent research conducted in Quebec (Canada) that focuses on teachers' and students' relationship to knowledge. The first portion of this article presents the notion of the relationship to knowledge, documenting its origins, usefulness and contributions to research in the field of science education. In the second portion, we present four (4) studies recently conducted in Quebec that relied on the notion of the relationship to knowledge to analyze, respectively: 1) postsecondary science students' relationships to experts; 2) secondary students' epistemological postures and relationship to scientific knowledge; 3) the relationship to knowledge and school of primary and secondary students who repeated a school year; and 4) the relationships to knowledges (in the plural form) of preservice secondary science and social studies teachers. We also present one (1) project, in progress at this time, which is dedicated to the point of view of preservice primary teachers concerning science and science education. By way of conclusion, we set out some main avenues for further research and debate in science education.