A Comparison of the Reinvestment of Collaborative Asynchronous Discourse Observed by Two Main Actors of Pre-Service Teacher Education

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État de publication: Publiée (2012 Juillet )

Titre des actes: International Society of the Learning Sciences

Lieu: Sydney, Australie

Intervalle de pages: 455-456

URL: http://affordance.uqac.ca/publications/ICLS2012-Proceeding.pdf

Résumé: Networked communities are growing and they offer new affordances for reflection on practice in education. Few authors have observed how collective asynchronous discourse can be re-used in the classroom. This is the objective that we pursued in research combining a questionnaire filled out by pre-service teachers and in situ observations from their university supervisor. Analyses showed that both the pre-service teachers and the university supervisor recognized that the former used many ideas elaborated online.

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