Connecting between systems for classroom-based Knowledge Building sustainability and scalability

Article de revue


État de publication: publié

Nom de la revue: Open and Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology, Culture and Education (QWERTY)

Volume: 18

Numéro: 1

Intervalle de pages: 157-173


Résumé: This paper addresses sustainability and scalability from the lenses of connections within and between Knowledge Building education sites. Firstly, Knowledge Building (KB) is positioned as a transformative emerging ‘system within a system’ and vignettes capture KB presence at different sites. Secondly, the methodology underlying the paper is presented. Thirdly, connections within and between activity systems, tensions that were overcome and next steps for KB sustainability and scalability are identified. Fourthly, the discussion is itself a KB process for cultural and organizational transformation of and within education systems, including public policy.