Hybrids between rituals and explorative routines: opportunities to learn through guided and recreated exploration

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État de publication: publié

Nom de la revue: Educational Studies in Mathematics

URL: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s10649-022-10167-z.pdf

Résumé: Within the commognitive perspective, ritual and explorative routines are used in a very particular way to distinguish students’ routines according to whether they are driven by social reward or by generating a substantiated narrative. Explorative routines in this theorisation may refer not to inquiry-based activity but to the result of a student’s routine moving from being process-oriented to becoming outcome-oriented, a deritualisation. Choice of tasks as well as a teacher’s moves ofer students diferent opportunities to engage in rituals, explorative routines and deritualisations. Through nuancing the space spanned by opportunities to engage in rituals and explorative routines respectively, we describe and contrast classroom practices in three lessons from three contexts. The lessons share a commonality in encouraging explorative routines as a starting point, yet being adapted towards ritual activity through decreased openings for student agentivity, fewer invitations for students’ own substantiations or both. We argue that such adaptations are driven by the teachers’ commitment to reach mathematical closure in a lesson, to balance considerations of the classroom community and individual students and to meet curricular requirements. Our model helps interrogate the nature and relevance of hybrids of explorative routines and rituals.