Transformational leadership and self- and collective teachers’ efficacy: the mediating role of teachers’ trust



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Nom de la rencontre: Congrès de « International Positive Psychology Association » (IPPA)

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Résumé: The success of academic institutions depends in particular on positive social relationships that fluctuate in terms of number and quality. They contain a complex network of interactions in which teachers exchange with others (administration, colleagues, and students) to increase their efficiency at work. Positive social relationships rely on trust as a social lubricant (Fullan, 2010). Trust is a key factor fostering collaboration and facilitating the exchange of information between parties (Hoy & Tschannen-Moran, 2003). Although many empirical studies have confirmed that transformational leadership plays a key role in teachers’ self- and collective efficacy (Leithwood & Sun, 2012), very few studies have demonstrated the mediating role of teacher trust in this relationship. Moreover, very few studies have simultaneously examined teachers' trust in three referents with whom they collaborate regularly (administration, colleagues, and students; Clément et al., 2020).