Innovative professional learning in early childhood education and care: inspiring hope and action: Introduction to the special issue

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État de publication: Publiée (2019 )

Nom de la revue: Journal of childhood studies

Résumé: Not only is professional learning conceptualised as critical for increasing educational quality and enhancing children’s learning and developmental outcomes (e.g. Lazarri et al., 2013; Munton et al., 2002; Penn, 2009; Vandenbroeck et al., 2016), but specific elements of professional learning (in both initial and continuing education, or preservice and in-service learning) have been identified as essential to transforming early childhood educators’ and preschool teachers’ professional identities and practice. For example, critical and supported reflection (Thomas & Packer, 2013), learning experiences that target entire teams (Vangrieken, Dochy, & Raes, 2016), collaborative and empowering practice (Helterbran & Fennimore, 2004), and competent leadership (Colmer et al., 2008) have all been found to be effective means of supporting professional learning.

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