Research-Practice Partnerships Supporting Adoption of Active Learning



État de publication: publié

Type de présentation: Communication

Nom de la rencontre: International Conference of the Learning Sciences

Lieu: Londres, Royaume-Uni


Résumé: Challenging the “business as usual” approach to instructional design and professional development is a transactional model of practice change–Research-Practice Partnership (RPP). This approach proposes that adoption requires gaining mutual understanding and involves joint work and shared communication. In turn, joint work requires stakeholders to create new practices that allow for boundary crossings, which often involves mediating tools. This presentation reports on RPP program, consisting of three sequential grants, that have an overarching goal of supporting the integration of evidence-based instruction – i.e., Active Learning – into the pedagogical design and practices of post-secondary instructors. These case studies detail the development of an online platform that allows stakeholders –researchers, teachers and instructional designers– to communicate across boundaries and engage in the joint work of designing solutions that are adapted to varied content and context.