Co-design approach to computational thinking



État de publication: publié

Type de présentation: Paper presented in a Working group roundtable

Nom de la rencontre: 5th International Congress of ISCAR

Lieu: Québec, Canada


Résumé: Learning by collaborative design engages learners in a situated, active and cyclical knowledge building process (Voogt et al., 2015). When collaborative design engages the learners in programming, we can observe some of the components of computational thinking (CT), a concept including a set of cognitive and metacognitive strategies related to problem finding, problem framing, code literacy and creative programming. In this paper, we analyse learning by collaborative design activities which engage learners in co-designing programs using the visual programming tool Scratch. We discuss the CT components under the lens of the co-design approach and highlights the links between CT and creative problem-solving skills.

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