Perceptions of the Impacts of the "Arts du Cirque" Program: A Case Study

Article de colloque


État de publication: Publiée (2010 Avril )

Titre des actes: 15 International Roundtable on School, Family, and Community Partnerships

Éditeur: Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association

Intervalle de pages: 1-22


Résumé: This qualitative study used focus groups to identify the knowledge about the "Arts du Cirque" Program implemented in a primary school and to explore perceptions of its impacts. Data are based on the discourse of school staff members, parents and other members of the community of an elementary school. The impacts on students are illustrated in terms of prioritized values, academic and skill learning, behavior, self-esteem, sense of belonging and child-adult relationship. Impacts are also reported regarding school staff members, parents and other members of the community. Adequacy is shown between the development and deployment of cross-curricular competencies in the "Arts du Cirque" Program and what is prescribed by the "Quebec School Program." Results show evidence of a rapprochement between parents and teachers and of the support of the community at large mainly as an audience. Work must go in order to develop stronger family-school-community relationships.

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