An investigation of instructors' practices to foster student engagement in higher education blended learning settings



État de publication: publié

Type de présentation: Conférence

Nom de la rencontre: Colloque de l'American Educational Research


Résumé: This qualitative study examines how instructors foster student engagement in blended learning (blended, blended online and blended synchronous courses) through extensive data collection across various education levels, disciplines and institutions in higher education. Twenty semi-structured interviews of instructors were conducted and analyzed using a general inductive approach. Three main categories of instructors’ practices were proposed: (i) thoughtful selection of T&L activities, (ii) the course structure and pace, and (iii) trusting relationships and instructors’ guiding role and presence. Whenever possible, instructors’ practices were linked with specific dimensions of student engagement (i.e., behavioral, emotional, cognitive).