Thinking tensions between learning and development in a Vygotskian perspective



État de publication: publié

Type de présentation: Symposium - 1.1 Social, cultural, linguistic and educational mediation

Nom de la rencontre: 5th International Congress of ISCAR

Lieu: Québec, Canada


Résumé: This symposium aims at exploring in how far a Vygotskian or Cultural activity theory framework can help overcome the tension between teaching, learning and development. It is a quest for a modest synthesis of the present knowledge and of different fields of expertise in order to find a path towards “reading” the recent advances in research. Therefore, we have brought together researchers from different fields of study who are not necessarily experts in sociocultural activity theory, from neurology to didactics and from early age development to professional development, but who are willing to exchange in that perspective. Indeed, if there are some principles to be found, it should be valid through different fields of practice. For each contribution, we’ll start a debate on how they relate to the results from the other researchers, and we’ll pinpoint how the theoretical perspective that underpins our symposium can help make sense of the global picture and bring us to recommendations for the field of practice.