Multidisciplinary graduate training in social research methodology and computer-assisted qualitative data analysis: ahands-on/hands-off course design

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État de publication: Publiée (2016 )

Nom de la revue: The Journal of Further and Higher Education

Volume: 41

Numéro: 4

Intervalle de pages: 475-491

ISBN: 0309-877X, 1469-9486


Résumé: Drawing on the experience of training graduate students and researchers in qualitative and mixed-methods analysis since the mid-1990s, the authors reflect on the evolution of a multidisciplinary graduate course developed in a Canadian university since 2007. The hands-on/hands-off course design based on the use of NVivo was developed in parallel with a conceptual and reflexive position on methodology and multidisciplinarity in the context of an action research supported by their institution. This article exposes the four basic components of the course and the constructivist assessment model based on a term-long team analysis of original data created specifically for this purpose. The balance between collective and individual work, in-class and online exchanges, hands-on experience with the software and hands-off reflection is described and compared to recent pedagogical literature on the subject. The interest of this blended approach in fostering the development of the methodological expertise expected from researchers and graduate students, as well as the main issues and challenges facing this type of training in a research environment characterised by new approaches and tools, are discussed.

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