Intergenerational digital storytelling pairing teens as multimedia facilitators with an elder as narrative director

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État de publication: Publiée (2015 )

Titre des actes: Book of Abstracts: Qualitative Research in Communication 2015

Éditeur: ACT Project

Lieu: Bucarest, Roumanie

Intervalle de pages: 30


Résumé: Intergenerational communication and learning empowers different generations valuing their knowledge (Ivan & Fernández-Ardèvol, 2014; Newman & Hatton- Yeo, 2008). Traditionally, elders has been recognized by their wisdom and had given a responsibility in the cultural heritage transmission to younger generations (Stiegelbauer, 1996; Weinstein-Shr & Henkin, 1991). Scientific and technological knowledge in the information society has relegated elders as knowledge authorities; moreover, young generations often refuse elders’ knowledge (Cattell, 1994; Weinstein-Shr & Henkin, 1991).

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