Education using Face-to-Face and Remote Approaches within a Linguistically Minority Environment

Article de colloque


État de publication: Publiée (2006 Octobre )

Titre des actes: 2nd International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies 2006

Éditeur: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Intervalle de pages: 48-53

ISBN: 0-7803-9521-2


Résumé: Linguistic minorities are confronted with particular pressures making it difficult to preserve and learn their language as well as their culture. Among these pressures, we may list the geographical scattering of minorities and the lack of necessary human and material resources to ensure this learning as well as to form educative staff and future assistance that will be needed. Remote education could present itself as an alternative if it shows performances as good as those of face-to-face education in terms of efficiency and formation quality. The present work deals with an experience using face-to-face and distant learning. Two courses offered by University de Moncton (Educ6122 and Educ6013) for French-speaking minorities in New Brunswick are considered. Our objective is not to favor the local student over the distant student. In addition to our approach and our achievements a statistical study of satisfaction will be presented.

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