Empirical Support to Ecological Propositions of the Mechanisms of Child Care Influence on Children’s Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors



État de publication: Publiée (2014 )

Type de présentation: Communication

Nom de la rencontre: 12th Hawaii International Conference on Education (HICE)

Lieu: Honolulu, États-Unis

URL: https://archipel.uqam.ca/12015/1/HICE2014_lemay_final.pdf

Résumé: To deepen the understanding of the relationship between childcare attendance and children’ externalizing and internalizing behaviors in early childhood, this communication presents ecological propositions formulated based on theoretical ecological model of human development, adaptation to the child care ecology and previous empirical findings. Then, it summarizes the results of three studies operationalizing these propositions. Finally, it covers empirical support to the ecological propositions formulated to guide future studies.

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