Students' Perceptions of a HyFlex Blended Course: What Are the Best Engagement Strategies?

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État de publication: publié

Titre des actes: Proceedings of the 2020 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Éditeur: AERA


Résumé: This study investigates students’ perceptions of a HyFlex course with respect to engagement strategies. Asynchronous online activities were combined with weekly support sessions that students could attend face-to-face, synchronously online or asynchronously through recordings. Using mixed methods with a quantitative dominant approach, bivariate correlations and multiple regression analyses were complemented by students’ comments. Interactions through ICT had significant effects on behavioral and cognitive engagement, with open communication and interactions being strongly correlated with behavioral engagement. Further, linking the content to practice significantly impacted emotional and cognitive engagement. Learning facilitation, i.e., the instructor’s facilitation role and learning support, also had a significant effect on all engagement dimensions. The recordings facilitated deeper understanding of complex content, which reinforced the students’ cognitive engagement.