L'émergence de la lecture chez des enfants présentant des retards de développement : Programme de stimulation en milieu familial à l'intention des parents



État de publication: Publiée (1994 )

Éditeur: Centre de recherche et d'intervention sur la réussite scolaire (CRIRES)

Nombre de pages: 36

ISBN: 9782921559034

Résumé: This booklet presents a reading and writing intervention program for French Canadian preschool children with developmental delays, to be implemented by parents or collaboratively by parents and teachers. The program calls for children to have frequent contacts with written language, in order to facilitate the development of a positive attitude towards reading and the acquisition of important basic knowledge and skills. The program involves daily interactive reading with the child and biweekly visits to a municipal library to borrow books. It also involves daily activities conducted in natural situations, such as reading words that the child finds in his or her environment and having adult caregivers model the value of reading. Suggestions are offered for making reading part of a daily routine, making it interesting to the child, helping the child to realize that the spoken words are the words written in the book, and verifying that the child understood the story. Guidelines are offered for choosing reading and writing materials. A bibliography of stories, magazines, and computer programs recommended for children is appended.

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