Principals’ quality of relationships, psychological need satisfaction and thwarting, and optimal functioning: a path analysis approach



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Type de présentation: Communication

Nom de la rencontre: Congrès de « International Positive Psychology Association » (IPPA)

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Résumé: Building on self-determination theory (Deci & Ryan, 2000), this study examines the mediating role of basic psychological need (BNP) satisfaction and thwarting for school principals between quality of interpersonal relationships (QIR; Senécal et al., 1992) with three referents (superintendant, school personnel, and parents) and their optimal functioning (i.e. vigor [Schaufeli et al., 2006], organizational commitment – affective dimension [Meyer et al., 1993], and subjective job performance [Williams & Anderson, 1991]). Although many empirical studies have confirmed that social environment plays a key role in employees’ personal growth through BPN satisfaction (relatedness, competence, and autonomy), very few studies have simultaneously looked at the competing roles of both BPN satisfaction and BPN thwarting as mediating variables (Deci et al., 2017).