Interdisciplinary projects implemented in the entrepreneurial school : Four crucial steps

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État de publication: Publiée (2019 Mai )

Titre du livre: Education Applications & Developments IV

Éditeur: Science Press

Lieu: Lisbon, Portugal


Intervalle de pages: 226-235

ISBN: 978-989-54312-3-6


Résumé: Entrepreneurship education appears to be a promising avenue for developing entrepreneurial skills (e.g., leadership, motivation, teamwork) and the school is targeted because young people are considered as key players in promoting economic growth (European Commission, 2013). One of the appropriate teaching methods for achieving academic and entrepreneurial goals is the project-based learning (P-BL). The P-BL is also the prioritized strategy to implement interdisciplinarity in schools and it appears that entrepreneurship is a privileged context for realizing interdisciplinary projects in order to give meaning to the learning experience. Based on the framework of Proulx (2004), the objective is to describe the processes of implementation of interdisciplinary projects in the context of the entrepreneurial school. Eight individual interviews were conducted with school staff from one entrepreneurial school. Our results show that the teacher assumes a key role as a supervisor throughout the interdisciplinary project in making sure that the education program objectives are achieved. However, the lack of collaboration between the teachers remains a challenge in order to help them with the realization of these projects. Interdisciplinary projects correspond to a non-traditional and promising method of teaching; solutions are identified in the discussion to optimize the implementation and thus ensure the sustainability of these projects in this entrepreneurial context.

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