Parental stress and daycare attendance. Does daycare quality and parental satisfaction with daycare moderate the relation between family income and stress level among parents of four years old children?

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État de publication: Publiée (2012 Octobre )

Nom de la revue: Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences

Volume: 55

Intervalle de pages: 894–901

ISBN: 1877-0428


Résumé: This study examine whether quality of daycare and parental satisfaction with daycare moderate the relationship between family income and parental stress. The sample consisted of 163 families of four year old children (Montreal), who have attended regulated daycare full time since 12 months old. Results indicate that parental satisfaction with daycare is a significant predictor of parental stress and that low quality of care moderates the relation between low family income and high parental stress. The results underline the importance of interventions to enhance quality in daycare settings, particularly in a childcare network largely funded by the government.

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