Validating the categories inside the Community of Inquiry framework: confirmatory factor analyses and factorial invariance of a French version of the instrument



État de publication: Publiée (2019 )

Type de présentation: Conférence

Nom de la rencontre: 48th Annual CSSHE Conference


Résumé: In this study, we explore the The Community of Inquiry (CoI) construct as a whole by considering all ten categories simultaneously, instead of using per-presence subgroups as in Caskurlu (2018). Since a French version of the instrument was used (Nadeau, 2012), we also present a first validation of the French CoI survey. Specifically, three research questions were addressed: (1) Does the CoI survey demonstrate a tenfactor structure aligning with its categories? (2) If a ten-factor structure holds, is the French CoI survey best represented by a three- or a tenfactor structure? (3) If a ten-factor structure holds, what would be potential significant effects of categories on each other?

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