The concepts of life and living organisms in official curricula from preschool to high school in Quebec and France



État de publication: Publiée (2015 Octobre )

Type de présentation: Communication

Nom de la rencontre: S.Net Conference 2015: From Nanotechnologies to Emerging Technologies: Toward a Global Responsibility

Lieu: Montréal, Canada

Résumé: “Biologists no longer study life today. They no longer attempt to define it,” wrote the French biologist François Jacob in The Logic of Life: A History of Heredity, published in 1973. Nonetheless, nowadays biologists and philosophers together reflect on the concepts of life and living organisms (Cherlonneix, 2013; Morange, 2013). However, what does this mean for science teachers and educational establishments? How are questions regarding life and living organisms addressed in official curricula? Do they take into account ethical issues involving life or living organisms? Which types of understanding of technoscientific knowledge are favoured? We tried to answer these questions by conducting an analysis of two official curricula (Québec and France) which we present the highlights (Bernard, de Montgolfier, dell’Angelo & Simard, in press).

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